At The Edge – Poster

At The Edge is a 2018 Bangkok biographical martial arts film directed by Lorenzo Vanin, produced & written by Mark Stas & Lorenzo Vanin with action choreography by Mark Stas reprising his own role.

We all get hit by life events. It sends you on an unknown journey of self-discovery.
Fears and doubts have to be fought but you can’t give up on yourself. Even when others do, you have to be your biggest ally.

They say people change for two main reasons: your mind has open or your heart has been broken. But what if both…
This short movie is based on a true story.

The film also stars Ron Smoorenburg or Byron Gibson. Principal photography commenced in Novembre 14th 2017 and ended the 20th that month.  It took place in Bangkok, Thailand & Charleroi, Belgium.

Bangkok is the place where I was invited to come and join the cinema industry. It’s also a place where Martial arts is a tradition. For most of the filming, it was chosen for its abundance of locations that looked sometimes busy (street, traffic, market,…) or calm (temple, park,…)

In the film, the credits simply give their roles in place of names.

  • Mark Stas as Himself
  • Ron Smoorenburg as Himself
  • Sergey Nosulenco as fears
  • Tomo Dhimoïla as Development
  • Sasha Sheldon as Goals, Accomplishment
  • Battle Scene as the current fight between Production Companies
    • Byron Gibson as Director on set
    • Tanja Keller as Acrobatic woman
    • Champ Archer as Acrobatic guy
    • Rosana Corral as Mexican Chola
    • Max Wong as Muscle guy

Directed, Shot & Edited – Lorenzo Vanin

Produced & Written – Mark Stas & Lorenzo Vanin

Director assistant – Tomo Dhimoïla

Fight Choreographer & Supervisor – Mark Stas